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Philips Electric Razors Mustache AquaTouch | Prices How to Wear

AquaTouch Philips Electric Razors Mustache - The development of the digital era are now highly developed of gadgets, automotive, household appliances dah even now until Shaver mustache, beard Philips Electronics Aquatouch that brand of philips. Phlips famous with the torch lighting home success in the market because the light can be relied upon, in addition to light is also durable that even if the price is above average with the other lights brand but as a consumer I feel satisfied with philips wear in every room of the house.

Mustache and beard shaver philips electric aquatouch we are more indulgent, to cut mustache and beard, I also feel that the electric shaver mustache, I feel more comfortable, not afraid of getting hurt as safe to use. safe for skin and certainly got the perfect shaving results.

Image of mustache and beard Shaver Philips Electronics

Philips AquaTouch
Philips AquaTouch Front

Philips AquaTouch
Philips AquaTouch Looks Left

Philips AquaTouch
Philips AquaTouch Looks Right

Philips AquaTouch
How to clean the Philips AquaTouch

Selling Price Razors Philips and Philips AquaTouch ApuaTouch Plus
Philips AquaTouch consists of two models: Aquatouch Plus (AT890) and AquaTouch (AT750). AT890 has DualPrecision technology, storage pockets and trimmer. Available starting in October 2011, Philips Price AquaTouch Plus Rp.690,000 Rp.450,000 While the price of Philips AquaTouch. AquaTouch Philips products are available in department stores, hypermarkets, electronics stores and shop equipment

How to Use Philips Shaver Mustache
How to use Philips Aqua Touch
The following tutorial How to use mustache Shaver philips I of

A. Important
Read this user manual carefully before using it and save it for future reference.

B. Warning
This tool is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental skills are lacking, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they are given supervision or direction regarding the use of tools by the person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.

C. Carefully
Keep the appliance remains dry (Fig. 1).
Use and store the appliance at a temperature between 15 ° C and 35 ° C.
Remove the batteries from the appliance if you will not use it for a month or more.

D. Standards Compliance
This Philips appliance complies with all standards regarding electromagnetic fields (EMF). If handled properly and in accordance with this user manual, the appliance is safe to use based on scientific evidence available today.

E. Setting up use Install battery
This tool is run by two R6 AA 1.5 volt batteries.
We recommend using alkaline batteries Philips.
 Make sure your hands dry when inserting the batteries
Remove the battery compartment lid (Fig. 2).
Insert two batteries into the battery compartment (Fig. 3).

Note: Make sure the + and - on the batteries as marked in the battery compartment.

Note: Shaver will not work if the batteries wrong location
replace the battery compartment lid to the appliance. First insert the upper lid, (1) then press the bottom (2) until you hear a click (Fig. 4).

F. How to avoid damage due to battery leakage
Do not let the tool is at a temperature above 35 ° C.
Remove the batteries if you are not going to use the appliance for a month or more.
Do not leave empty batteries in the appliance

G. shaving time
Two new batteries can be used to shave for 60 minutes.

H. Using the appliance Shaving
Your skin may need 2 or 3 weeks to get accustomed to the Philips system. Shaving on dry skin gives the best results.
Sorong on / off button upwards to switch on the shaver (Fig. 5).
Move the shaving heads on your skin. Perform straight and circular movements (Fig. 6).
Sorong on / off button down to turn off the shaver.
Attach the protective cap on the shaver to prevent damage to the shaving heads (Fig. 7).

I. Cleaning and maintenance beard shaver philips
Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids such as petrol or acetone to clean the appliance.
Regular cleaning guarantees better shaving results.
To clean optimally and easily available Philips Shaving Head Spray (type no. HQ110).
Ask the information on your Philips dealer.
Note: Philips Shaving Head Cleaning Spray may not be available in all countries. Contact Customer Service Center in your country about availability in your country.

You can also clean the shaver in the following way:

J. Once a week: shaving unit and hair chamber
Switch off the shaver.
Clean the top of the appliance with the cleaning brush (Fig. 8).
Press the release button (1) and remove the shaving unit (2) (Fig. 9).
Clean the inside of the hair chamber with the cleaning brush (Fig. 10).
Clean the inside of the shaving unit with the cleaning brush (Fig. 11).
Replace the shaving unit on the shaver

K. Every two months: shaving heads
Switch off the shaver.
Press the release button (1) and remove the shaving unit (2) (Fig. 9).
To remove the retaining frame, push the sides of the central spring so as to face each other (1). Then lift the retaining frame out of the shaving unit (2) (Fig. 12).
Slide the shaving heads out of the retaining frame (Fig. 13).

Do not mix up the cutters and protective components.
This is very important because each cutter is sharpened by his patron parts to optimize performance. If you accidentally mix up this pair, it will take several weeks to restore the shaving performance.
Clean the cutter with the short hairy part in the cleaning brush (Fig. 14) .Sikat the direction of the arrow with caution.
Clean protector with cleaning brush (Fig. 15).
Slide the shaving heads back into the retaining frame and put the retaining frame back into the shaving unit (Fig. 16).
Replace the shaving unit on the shaver.

L. extra thorough cleaning
In order to more closely cleaning, put the shaving heads in the cleaning liquid (like alcohol) every six months. To release the shaving heads, follow steps 1 to 4 described above. After cleaning, lubricate the central point on the inside of the protector with a drop of sewing machine oil to prevent wear of the shaving heads

M. Replacement
Replace the shaving heads every 2 years or if it is damaged or worn. Replace only with the shaving heads HQ4 ÇPhilips only.
Switch off the shaver.
Press the release button (1) and remove the shaving unit (2) (Fig. 9).
To remove the retaining frame, push the sides of the central spring so as to face each other (1). Then lift the retaining frame out of the shaving unit (2) (Fig. 12).
Remove the shaving heads out of the retaining frame and replace with a new one (Fig. 13).
Put the retaining frame back into the shaving unit.
Replace the shaving unit on the shaver.

N. Accessories
The following accessories are available:
HQ4 Ç Philips shaving heads.
HQ110 Philips Shaving Head Cleaning Spray (not available in China).

Environmental O.
Batteries contain substances that can pollute the environment. Do not dispose of empty batteries with normal household waste, but dispose of in an official collection point for batteries. Always remove the battery before you discard and fill tool to an official collection point.
Do not dispose of the tool along the normal household waste if the tool was not used anymore, but submit to the collection point authorized for recycling. By doing this, you help to preserve the environment (Fig. 17)

P. Warranty & service
If you need service or information or experience problems, please visit the Philips website at contact the Philips Customer Care Centre in your country (you can find its phone number in the worldwide guarantee leaflet). If there is no Customer Care Centre in your country, go to your local Philips dealer.

Q. Limitations of warranty
Shaving heads (cutters and guards) are not covered by the warranty provisions of internal

After reading how to use the shaver mustache electric whisker electrically Philips Aqua Touch is hopefully KUMISer ^ _ ^ can be helped in operating, cleaning, maintaining, and remember one more thing most important AVOID THE REACH OF CHILDREN, do not underestimate it because shaver mustache electrically philips including dangerous goods for children /

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